And thank you for stopping by! Honestly, we dont know where to begin. Perhaps an introduction is a good way to start?

So, hello again! We’re a bunch of third graders accompanied by a crazy 5 foot nothing teacher studying in a government school in Pune, India. Our birth certificates show we are 9, sometimes 10 years old. We love school,running races, story time and dancing to Bollywood’s finest.

But we all know, we are more than that. Much, much more than that. We are
believers. Believers of change. We are dreamers, constantly pushing ourselves to
imagine a better way of living. But most importantly, we are doers. Doers who believe
in change, imagine a better way of living and are ready to take on the daunting task
of “doing something about it.”

We speak to people, travel to unknown places, get our hands dirty, explore our community – all with a burning desire to design solutions to problems around us. Getting us one step closer to being aware, compassionate and mindful members of society.

Did we mention we like stories? This one happens to be our favorite.

We are the School of Little Designers !

(Special thank you to Tushar Bhaiyya for all the design work. Thanks for making us look so pretty! 🙂 )


27 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. You guys are amazing. Keep finding those solutions and being the change you want to see. Best wishes from Richard Dunne, Headteacher of Ashley School in the UK, a Design for Change School 😀

  2. Inspiring effort ! School of Little Designers has taken the brave step of sensitizing the right attitude to children at the right age. Most importantly, you are doing this along with the children. Keep going and wishing the very best !

  3. It was such a pleasure having the kids over at the Pune Farmers Market…. Would they wish to be at Cocoparra this Sunday? We would love to have them over to sell their products (made by them)

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